Specialist staff

Resource Teacher of Literacy

I am Michelle Urmson, the Resource Teacher of Literacy (RTLit) for the Westland Cluster.

I service all the schools in Westland (10 schools), Y1- Y8. I am based at Hokitika Primary School.

Teachers who have concerns about students' literacy knowledge refer them to me for an assessment in literacy skills. I then design programmes for these students and either work 1:1 with them or in small groups. Teachers can also implement the programmes in class.

I usually work with students for two terms, three days a week. They are assessed regularly to ascertain their progress. Parent support and consultation is always encouraged and valued.

Reading Recovery Teacher

We are very fortunate to have one of our teachers training to be a Reading Recovery teacher this year - Caitlin Reid.

Reading Recovery is an early literacy intervention that provides trained one-to-one teaching for children who have made slow progress learning to read and write in their first year of school.

Children in Reading Recovery will be taught in a one to one situation with Whaea Caitlin for 30 minutes every day for a period of about 17-20 weeks, depending on how long is needed. In each day's lesson they will write a story and read several books. Most children catch up quickly with the average level of their class. A small number of children are identified for further assessment and ongoing specialist help.