learning during isolation

March 2022

Over the next few months, we acknowledge that tamariki and whānau will be moving into isolation, coming out of isolation, and/or choosing to stay home for short periods for various reasons.

While at home, everyone has different needs - some tamariki like to have class work to keep them busy, some tamariki will be too sick to do any work, and still others will prefer to spend time doing activities with their whānau, rather than class work.

Among all these different needs, our kaiako (teachers) are still teaching those tamariki who remain in class.

As you can appreciate, this makes it very hard for our kaiako to meet all needs. And just as our tamariki are all different, our kaiako are also different, and they respond to these challenges in various ways.

What can I expect if my child is isolating at home?

Once you let the office know that your child is isolating at home, the class teacher will get in touch with you by email within 2 - 3 days. They will let you know options for your child to learn at home. They will also ask if you need any basic learning materials - e.g. pencils and paper. Please note, due to time demands on our staff, we are not making up individual learning packs.

Depending on the age of your tamaiti and which class they are in, learning at home options might include:

  • pānui mai - read every day

  • practise writing the letters/words you know

  • check the Rangitaki/Class Blog to keep in touch with your friends

  • choose activities from the Learning at Home - Ako ā-Kāinga page on this website

  • look at your class Wāhi Ako/Learning Site to find out what you could be doing


The Ministry of Education has this fantastic Learning from Home page, filled with weeks of ideas for rich learning experiences.

Our school website has a fabulous Learning at Home - Ako ā-Kāinga page.

If you need simple resources to assist your child to learn at home, such as paper, pens and pencils, please contact the school (03) 455 7400 or office@hokitika.school.nz