How To Chromebook

Dear whānau, this page is to assist you as you strive to support your tamariki with their digital learning. Where possible we have used photos, not videos, so that it is very quick for you to learn the skills you need. For more complex questions, we will provide videos. You can see our Digital Technology and Online use procedure here.

How to Open a New Tab.

How to find the Search Bar ("Omnibox"). The Omnibox is just below the tabs. It is highlighted yellow in this image. To search, just type in a word, phrase, or website, and press 'enter'.

How to find your child's Learning Site (Wāhi Ako) or Blog (Rangitaki).

How to take a Full ScreenShot.

How to Bookmark the page/website you are on. Click the white star, it will turn blue. Tip: Don't bookmark too many things - usually just your Learning Site, Blog, Google Drive and perhaps email for older tamariki. Click the Star again then REMOVE to un-bookmark.

How to take a Partial ScreenShot.

How to find a Menu (anywhere you see those 3 dots, there is a menu there). Tip: You can also tap once, with 2 fingers side-by-side, to bring up a menu.

How to "Right-Click". (Note: the yellow dots symbolise finger-tips.)

How to Scroll. (The yellow dots symbolise finger-tips.)

How to Copy something you have selected (highlighted).

How to Paste something you have selected (highlighted).

Do you have a Chromebook question? Great, other whānau probably want to know, too. No question is too small or large. Email it to I will answer you directly, and add the information here, too. (I won't name the person who asked).